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Expert-led governance, risk and compliance training and eLearning courses for all sectors

Your frontline employees are the eyes and ears of your business. Their awareness, conduct and behavior day-to-day is your best defense against compliance risk issues—now, and in the future.

We offer an extensive range of governance, risk and compliance eLearning and training solutions that completely align with your own (and your regulator’s) policies and procedures. At the same time, at the heart of everything we do, is a focus on genuinely driving behavior change in your learners.

Off-the-Shelf Governance, Risk & Compliance eLearning Courses

Our wide range of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) eLearning courses can be purchased off-the-shelf for rapid implementation. They can also be quickly and easily branded and tailored to suit your requirements.

These courses are ideal for rapidly upskilling employees around new regulations and can either stand alone or be delivered as a component within a blended learning program.

We have over 40 off-the-shelf GRC courses available that cater to both EMEA and North America.

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Driving Behavior Change to Reduce Compliance Risk

At the heart of all our courses is a focus on effective operational risk management. Our extensive range of compliance eLearning courses targets behavior change by:

  • Creating a sense of personal accountability and responsibility

  • Communicating compliance issues and risks as well as highlighting ‘red flags’

  • Ensuring your staff know how to escalate issues and concerns, and feel confident and protected when doing so

Specialists in Financial Services and Compliance Training

Our GRC courses are brought to you by our specialist sister team, Eukleia, which, as part of LEO, has access to all of our experts and resources.

Established in 2005, and with offices in London and New York, Eukleia is trusted by many of the world’s leading organizations to deliver effective GRC training that also meets all the requirements of their regulatory bodies.

Innovative Approaches to Compliance Training

Eukleia’s GRC learning experts can also create custom eLearning solutions that are specifically designed to align with your own policies and procedures.

They deliver highly interactive, engaging content that harnesses the latest, innovative approaches to compliance training.

Custom eLearning courses can feature:

  • Interactive scenarios

    To give learners a safe environment to put knowledge into practice and understand the consequences of their decisions

  • Gamified approaches

    To drive challenge and competition.

  • Adaptive, personalized learning

    Courses can easily be tailored to a learner’s jurisdiction, business line, role and knowledge level, so they receive only the information that’s relevant to their role.

  • Assessment-based insights

    To help learners understand their strengths and weaknesses and drive a deeper understanding of their own attitudes, behaviors, and principles.

Assessment Strategies For the Future

Our learning analytics experts can help you leverage the latest technologies to create a highly accurate picture of your learners’ performance. This means you can deliver more effective, targeted learning that gives learners exactly what they need to reach performance goals.

As an example, our confidence-based assessment strategies deliver visibility on your learners’ confidence levels, as well as their knowledge uptake. This dual approach creates a quadrant of learner performance, that in turn enables you to quickly identify learners who are:

  • High performers and should be treated as such
  • Low in confidence or competence and require further training and support
  • Highly confident but low in competence who could pose a risk to your organization

Knowing this enables you to drive a strategy to best support each of your learners in the best way.

This could be providing mentoring to those struggling with confidence, or targeted training for those low in competence.Misplaced confidence can also have damaging effects, but can be assessed using techniques such as certainty-based scoring.

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