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Learning in the Flow of Work: A Performance-First Approach to Employee Learning

This webinar is now in the past.

Learning in the flow of work is not only a hot topic right now, it’s our clients’ number one pick when we asked, “What do you want to know more about?”

Learning in the flow of work encourages the natural process of human learning without disrupting workflows, so employees can remain productive. In this webinar, our experts will reveal the secret to performance-based learning.

Join Rose Benedicks, Strategic Consulting Lead, and Tess C. Taylor, Lead Learning Designer, as they discuss the true meaning and power of learning in the flow of work. They’ll share enablers and guidelines for using learning in the flow of work to supercharge your employee performance.

They’ll also discuss a fresh perspective on learning, explore how it can benefit your organization, and give examples of where we’ve seen it work.

Join our experts and explore:

  • A refreshed perspective on performance-based learning
  • Benefits to your organization and employees
  • Examples that resonate with any human-centered business
  • “Three Ps” to enhance employee performance using learning in the flow of work

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