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Live vs On-Demand: 30-Minute Masterclass

This webinar is now in the past.

In the rapid move towards virtual classrooms, are we missing design opportunities provided by on-demand and self-directed learning? When should we use on-demand vs live learning for the best results in a learning mix? Do they lend themselves better to certain situations, topics, and learners?

Join Rose Benedicks, Strategic Consulting Lead, and Andrew Joly, Director of Strategic Design, for a 30-minute masterclass. We’ll cover everything you need to know about live and on-demand learning and give examples, top tips, and key practical takeaways.

Join this masterclass and:

  • Discover the what, why, when, and how of live and on-demand learning
  • Identify which formats work best for different situations, learners, and topics
  • See real examples of when we’ve used each and why
  • Get our how-to guide for when to use live vs on-demand learning

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