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How to Build a Business Case to Evolve your Learning Ecosystem

This webinar is now in the past.

We don’t use a learning ecosystem for the sake of the technology; we use it for its value for our learners and our business. With today’s business challenges being bigger and more pressurized than ever before—from industry-level transformation to globalization and complexity—traditional solutions are no longer meeting the mark.

In this webinar, we explored what a learning ecosystem truly is and discussed some of the best business cases that lead to real, positive change.

LEO Learning’s Strategic Consulting Lead, Rose Benedicks, and Director of Strategic Design, Andrew Joly, explained how to build a compelling business case by connecting to genuine organizational goals and measurable outcomes.

Watch the recording to:

  • Get a clear and usable definition of learning ecosystems
  • Learn the features and advantages of using one and how easy it is to get started
  • Hear examples of real, successful business cases
  • Find out if your business challenge and/or learner needs could benefit

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