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Webinar: Digital Learning 101: The Panel – Video for Learning

Webinar: Digital Learning 101: The Panel – Video for Learning

Start: 29 Aug, 2019 - 16:00 - 17:00 BST / 10:00 - 11:00 CT

Join our panel of digital learning experts and have your questions answered!

We’re running a series of ‘Digital Learning 101: The Panel’ webinars on different topics, taking your questions and answering them live. We’re kicking off our next panel webinar on the topic of video for learning.

Do you have any questions about video that you want answered?  

Whether you want to understand where to start, are concerned about cost, want to know what the latest trends and technologies are or something else entirely—we want to hear from you!

Driven by these and your own questions, we’ll unpack the importance of video as a fundamental learning channel, and explore the ‘what, why, where and how’, with examples, of:

  • Video and storytelling – from drama to 360°
  • Animation and video as an infographic tool
  • Video channels and platforms for video as a social learning tool
  • Complex video-driven scenarios (including branching)

Questions are submitted prior to the webinar via the sign-up form and the panel will answer a selection. Any questions we don’t get to can be followed up directly upon request.

Don’t have a question? No problem. Register below to join and listen in: 

The panel:

Andrew Joly
Director of Strategic Design
LEO Learning

Andrew Joly

Frank McCabe
Executive Producer, Moving Image
LEO Learning

A photo of LEO Learning's Executive Producer of Moving Image, Frank McCabe

Brigitte Sutherland
Animation and Video Manager
LEO Learning