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WEBINAR: Learning Analytics and the Power of Big Data

WEBINAR: Learning Analytics and the Power of Big Data

Start: 25 Sep, 2018 - 16:00-17:00 BST

A successful learning measurement strategy has the potential to help Defence organisations overcome challenges in key areas like budget constraints, capabilities, recruitment, retention and risk. Using big data analytics to inform this strategy is a vital way to ensure success and allow wider strategic goals to be met.

Big data in defence industry

With the upcoming launch of a Defence-specific Learning Record Store (LRS), the Defence community will have access to a powerful tool with which to view big data and more easily analyse the effectiveness of their training. But what is the LRS and how can it help you?

Join us on September 25th at 4pm BST/10am CT for this webinar with Simon Fyfe, Director, Defence and Security Team at LEO Learning, SO1 DLE Michael Wadley, and Dr Ben Betts, CEO of HT2 Labs.

Register now to:

  • Understand what an LRS is and where the Defence LRS is going
  • See how training data visualisation can assist in spotting trends and anomalies
  • Hear about the range of reports available and how the reporting process will work
  • Get expert answers to any questions you may have

If you would benefit from an organisation-level view of training data and want to develop a more effective and objective strategy, this webinar is for you.

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