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Measuring the Business Impact of Learning: 5 Critical Breakthroughs

This webinar is now in the past.

About the webinar:

With ever-increasing demand to measure the business impact of learning, our webinar takes an in-depth look at how LEO Learning worked with InterContinental Hotels & Resorts Group (IHG) to help them demonstrate the value of a new global training scheme.

IHG is one of the world’s largest luxury hotel brands, with 5,500 hotels in almost 100 countries and an aggressive growth strategy: to double the pace of growth by 2020. LEO Learning’s measurement experts, Learning Consultants Gareth Jones and Geoff Bloom, look at how they approached this challenge along with Ben Meyer, the Global Learning Insight and Analytics Manager for IHG.

Watch the webinar to discover how to achieve five critical measurement breakthroughs:

  • Tailor and standardize the processes and tools required in your organization to measure learning and business impact
  • Design and roll out a measurement training program for your L&D team
  • Identify the champions in your organization who will drive the measurement strategy forward
  • How to use the data collection and tools available to you
  • Change the culture so that trainers and front line managers focus on the value they are getting from the organization’s investment in L&D

The speakers:

Ben Meyer, Global Learning Insight and Analytics Manager, IHG

Gareth Jones, Strategic Consulting Lead, LEO Learning

Geoff Bloom, Principal Consultant, LEO Learning

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