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Measuring the Business Impact of Learning: What We’ve Learned

This webinar is now in the past.

About the recording:

We’re entering the fourth year of the ‘Measuring the Business Impact of Learning’ benchmarking survey (conducted on behalf of Learning Technologies Group, working alongside Watershed).

With the survey launching in the coming weeks, we’re holding a webinar to reflect on the results so far, plus discuss how organizations we’re working with have overcome the barriers in measurement planning and implementation. The insights are drawn from our group experience working with a range of clients in this field and should be valuable for anyone who wants to get going in learning analytics and sustainable business impact assessment.

Your webinar hosts:
Piers Lea, Chief Strategy Officer, LEO Learning and Learning Technologies Group (LTG)
Tim Dickinson, Director of Strategy, Watershed
Ella Richardson, Learning Design Director, LEO Learning

Join your hosts as they cover the state of the world of measurement and real-world examples of how to get management buy-in, designing for data, building data ecosystems, implementing a learning analytics strategy and more.

You’ll also have the opportunity to take this year’s survey, and see the results coming in live!

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