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WEBINAR: Technology enhanced learning – the strategic blend design

Start: 05 Jul, 2017 - 15:00 - 16:00 (BST)

Blended learning is a concept that has been with us for a while, but the latest Towards Maturity research suggests that something is still holding many people back. Yet there is increasing evidence that blends can be extremely powerful learning experiences.

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Within the Defence sector, there are many drivers moving us towards an increasing use of blended learning. If you have responsibility for transforming residential courses, designing new courses or providing training to a disparate workforce such as reservists then this webinar is for you.

Watch this webinar with LEO Learning’s Director of Learning, Imogen Casebourne and LEO Learning’s Defence and Security specialists Julie Read and Simon Fyfe to uncover:

    • Examples of blends with impact
    • Putting the learner at the heart of the design
    • How to approach a blended learning design

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