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Games, Gamification, and Play for Learning

Turbocharge Your Learning With Games, Gamification, and Powerful Play for Learning

Games, gamification, and scenarios deliver on three of the most powerful learning modes:

  • Challenge focuses on learning goals, driving competition, and practice
  • Play taps into the mindsets we adopt during play such as creativity, imagination, and state of flow
  • Immersion applies learning in a virtual environment

All three elements are key to productive learning. We bring them together and create powerful digital learning experiences that work.

Take your digital learning to the next level with learning games and gamification.

Which Immersive Game Strategies Are Right for Your Learners?

eLearning Gamification

Successful application of gamification strategies can sustain learner engagement, drive up course completion rates and turbocharge your learning. Develop gamified learning from the ground up, or add elements of gamification to your eLearning to drive motivation, achievement, and a clear vision of progress.

Visa game

Learning Simulations & Scenarios

Recreate specific environments and systems that put your learner in the driving seat with our world-class simulations ans scenarios. These learning experiences are great environments for learners to experiment safely, practice decision-making, and gain deep insights into the impact of their choices.

Learning simulations

Using the Power of Play to Build Your Brand

PRELOADED is a BAFTA-winning immersive games studio working in XR, connected play, and geospatial technologies. PRELOADED works with global partners to imagine the future of play to solve problems, connect people, and transform our world—to deliver Play with Purpose.

Work with our sister company and create engaging, purposeful experiences to build your brand through learning.

How Not to Suck at Money game in laptop

Immersive AR, VR, and 360 Video

Cutting-edge immersive technologies take your learners into virtual worlds where they can experience learning and collaboration in exciting and engaging ways. Unleash the power of AR, VR, and 360 Video.

Genius: A Quiz-Based Microlearning App

Genius is an engaging, intuitive quiz-based, consumer-grade experience that engages your learners by introducing competition, recognition, and motivation.

Genius delivers highly-engaging bite-sized microlearning to align with your organization’s learning and development goals.

Ready to Harness the Power of Learning Games and Gamification?

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