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Andrew Joly - Director of Strategic Design, LEO Learning

Sean Nugent - Senior Account Director, LEO Learning

Sophie Miller - Head of Client Engagement, LEO Learning

Dawn Baron - Senior Strategic Marketing Manager, PeopleFluent

Jeff Fissel - VP of Solutions, PeopleFluent

Betty Mills, RN, MS - Account Manager, PeopleFluent

Nancy Dietz, MA.Ed., CPTD - Customer Success Manager, PeopleFluent

Kim Cyphers - Director Customer Success, PeopleFluent

William Conran - VP, Watershed

Phill Miller - Managing Director, Open LMS

Piers Lea - Chief Strategy Officer, Learning Technologies Group

Our learning experts have created two guides to getting started with transitioning from face-to-face to digital learning:

Transitioning From Face-To-Face to Digital Learning

How to Deliver Effective Learning Journeys at Distance

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