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Thank you for taking part in our 2021/2022 Measuring the Business Impact of Learning Survey

You're helping us build a picture of the changing priorities, technologies, and strategy focuses within the L&D community.

We‘re looking forward to seeing what trends have emerged from the last 12 months. Here’s what Piers Lea, LTG and LEO’s Chief Strategy Officer, and David Ells, Watershed’s CEO, had to say last year:

Live Results

Here's a little teaser of some of the results so far:

Do you have analytics capability on your L&D team?

The biggest challenge of measuring the impact of learning in my organization is:

I want to measure the business impact of learning programs.

10 Stages of Measuring the Business Impact of Learning

Whether you’re looking to prove learning ROI, align learning more closely with business goals, or are just starting out on your measurement journey, we’ve created this handy checklist to help keep you on track and heading in the right direction.

Download the resource to access:

  • A practical checklist covering all 10 stages of the measurement process
  • Explanations of each stage
  • Challenges you may face and how to overcome them

Five Steps to Get Started with Learning Analytics

Getting started is easier than you think. There’s a lot you can do with simple metrics and the data you have right now.

In this ebook, you’ll:

  • Explore five steps to help you get started with learning analytics
  • Understand different technologies, such as xAPI, that can support your learning analytics program
  • Find the right approach for your learning analytics program

Last Year’s Results

Last year was anything but ordinary, so how did COVID impact the relationship between the world of learning and measurement?

Explore the trends from a challenging 2020 by downloading the ebook. How did Global L&D leaders respond? What insights could we discover?

Your Free Learning Record Store

Access to data is the first step to measuring impact. Track and explore your learning data for free with Essentials LRS.

Essentials LRS is a fully xAPI-conformant learning record store that enables you to track data, play with xAPI, and experience a learning record store without having to make an up-front investment or commitment.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can make data and measurement work for you

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