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If you’re looking to connect new and existing learning technologies together to deliver seamless and turbo-charged learning networks, our experts can help.

In today’s tech-driven world, your organization is likely using an array of different products and services to support your Learning & Development.

You might have authoring tools to create content, a Learning Management System (LMS) or Learning Experience Platforms to house and deliver content, as well as data storage, knowledge platforms and many other business systems and tools that have been added over time.

This may leave you with a technical environment that’s slow to adapt and hard to gain insights from, resulting in a disconnected experience for both the learner and your organization.

Integrating your technology smartly will overcome these challenges, and give you an efficient and effective learning ecosystem.

What Are the Benefits of a Learning Ecosystem?

When you connect all of your products and services together effectively, you can deliver a consistent, optimized learning experience that makes the best use of the technology that your people already use on a daily basis, whilst bringing the power integrated data brings to the people responsible for managing and reporting learning in your organization.

So this could mean, for example, integrating access to all your tools, events and digital learning experiences into a single sign-on, responsive front-end. Or, at the back-end, designing and implementing a strategy to capture, standardize and quickly report on your learners’ activities.

Incorporating other performance data from within your business will then give you overall visibility of the impact that all forms of learning have on your organization’s performance.

We’re Here To Help

We’ll work together to define your vision for the future and then get you to where you want to be. Wherever you are with your ecosystem, our experts are on hand to create a fully optimized learning ecosystem for you.

And if you’re just getting started with your learning ecosystem, we can:

  • Guide You Through the Maze

    We’ll create awareness around learning ecosystems, define them, share examples, and help you evaluate ways in which your organization can benefit from well-thought-through integration. If you need help getting buy-in, we’ve also built successful business cases to support L&D teams to get started with their learning ecosystems.

  • Design Your User Experience

    Using story mapping techniques, our architects and learning consultants can map your learners’ experience against their needs, creating the blueprints for your learning ecosystem’s front-end together with all the requirements to fully integrate your organization’s technical infrastructure.

  • Map Out Your Data Strategy

    Our systems architects can define your entire strategy for capturing, analyzing, and using data from any source to help you make the best business and L&D decisions. We also look at performance and business KPIs as well as data from other sources like HR systems, chat tools, and CRMs (to name just a few), so we can give you the insights—and foresight—you need.

  • Review Your Ecosystem and Define Your Roadmap

    We’ll review your current collection of systems, tools, and processes (whether or not you’re calling it an ecosystem yet) against your business and L&D goals. Then we’ll create a plan to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

  • Support Your Technology Selection

    Our consultants will help you define your requirements clearly and support you through a detailed selection process, so you can pick the best technologies and vendors to work with.

Looking to turbo-charge your learning technology integration and ecosystems?

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