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Solve Your LMS Headaches and Demonstrate Measurable Results With LEO Learning

In today’s fast-paced world, the role of the LMS has changed. You need a dynamic, enterprise-wide application—a true gateway to learning for your employees and a central source of truth for reporting to your business.

We work with the full set of mainstream LMSs and successfully deliver all of our learning content and resources to your learners using them. We also understand the extended value of the LMS within a learning ecosystem and know just how businesses can get the best out of their most powerful LMS features.

Tailor Your LMS Your Way

LEO has more than 20 years of experience in the design, implementation, delivery, and support of tailored LMS experiences. Working in close partnership with our clients, we have developed custom LMS functionality delivered to global audiences.

This approach has provided functionality and met goals that might not be well serviced with an off-the-shelf LMS. By ensuring that these tailored LMSs continue to deliver ongoing and increasing value, we’ve maintained long-lasting relationships with our clients.

An Enterprise LMS For Today

As a member of Learning Technologies Group, LEO has extensive experience working with our sister business, PeopleFluent, to deploy their enterprise-ready LMS to deliver top-quality learning content and learning experiences.

PeopleFluent LMS specializes in servicing highly-regulated industries with complex compliance requirements, yet are built on a flexible framework that fits into any talent and learning ecosystem.

Driving Your Organization’s Success

PeopleFluent LMS meets the needs of today's global organization with:

  • A Strategic and Modular Learning Solution

    PeopleFluent offers a complete, full-featured system that helps you build programs to match your organization’s learning needs, engage employees, and measure results. So your organization stays compliant. And competitive.

  • Learning Course Management & Distribution

    Provide the learning content that’s right for your employees, wherever they are in their career development journey. Make it easy for them to find learning opportunities that will help them take that next step.

  • Compliance Management & Reporting

    When the stakes are high, and the consequences for non-compliance are higher, it’s critical to manage your learning programs carefully. And to be able to provide compliance training verification and reporting the moment it’s needed.

  • Learning Experience Platform

    Meet the needs and expectations of today’s technology-native employees. Design your learning programs to offer mobile interactivity, social sharing, and real-time feedback. Give employees the user experience they demand.

  • Content Authoring

    Effective learning programs depend on keeping employees interested. Make it easy for managers, instructors, and experts to build engaging, interactive learning content that holds learners’ attention and enhances results.

  • Learning Analytics

    Stay on top of your organization’s learning needs, activities, and results. See where your skills gaps are. Track employees’ progress and learning activities, in all their forms. Measure your learning program and tie it to business performance.

PeopleFluent LMS is Highly Scalable

The PeopleFluent LMS supports organizations through an ultra-reliable, highly versatile system that can scale to meet the highest growth goals. LEO Learning has the expertise to help customers use this platform for global workforces of just a few thousand to more than half a million total users. Our specialist teams ensure that organizations can expand through this platform without compromising on LMS functionality, performance or infrastructure security.

An LMS for Critical Compliance

Although many organizations in highly-regulated industries understand the importance of demonstrating compliance to regulators, very few are ready for audits. What’s needed is an LMS specifically designed to drive compliance with strict regulations and tough industry standards. The PeopleFluent LMS includes features such as tailored alerts and powerful analytics to help organizations ensure that they’re always inspection-ready.

Secure SaaS That’s Tailored to Your Deployment Needs

Secure SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions provide a unique and innovative approach that’s optimized according to the size, sector, and organizational complexity of a business.

Our expertise with PeopleFluent LMS means we can provide a variety of advanced security features within the most secure SaaS architecture in the market today.

Want to benefit from our world-class LMS expertise?

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