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Getting the Most Out of Learning Technologies

Our experts can advise you on how to get through the learning technology maze. You may be ready to build out your learning ecosystem with a new platform. Or maybe you’ve already invested in a solution but have been left feeling it hasn’t paid off. You might be dealing with frustrated learners or overly-complex workflows.

We can help you strategically plan and define a process to help you overcome your challenges and get the most out of your learning technologies, new or existing. We will review your learning technology environment, tools, systems and needs, and design a future-proof roadmap that works for you.

Then we can work alongside you to implement or support you as you put your technology solution in place and roll it out to your business.

Working with the team at LEO Learning has elevated our colleagues’ thinking around digital delivery. Their methodology stimulated a number of useful conversations for us around the benefits that technology offers our clients and students.

– UK higher education provider

Understanding Your Learning Technology Requirements

There are many factors to weigh up as you start creating your perfect learning ecosystem. What tools and platforms do you need to deliver learning and knowledge effectively across your business? How can you create a frictionless, supportive experience for your learners? What’s missing, or just as crucially, no longer needed in your learning service?

We can help you answer these and similar tough questions together, to clarify your learning technology requirements.

Through our collaborative workshops, we will:

  • Capture Your Product Requirements

    Our user-centric story mapping approach gets to the root of your learners’ needs

  • Evaluate Your Current Technology Landscape

    What’s working? What’s not? And what’s missing?

  • Define Next Steps

    We provide you with a report packed with detailed recommendations

  • Plan Seamless Integration

    We can review all aspects of your technology and collaboratively plan a practical integration program that’s right for you.

Defining Your Learning Technology Strategy

Mapping out the right set of tools and systems and how they will work together is crucial to the success of any learning strategy.

Our team of technical and learning experts will work in partnership with you to map the technical architecture that will maximize the impact of your learning strategy. We’ll help you select and implement the right tools to support the delivery of your learning program.

Choosing the Right Learning Technologies for Your Business

If you’re in the market for a new learning platform or tool, we can ensure you make the right investment.

Our technical team can support with:

  • Capturing requirements
  • Story mapping
  • Marketplace analysis
  • Shortlisting technology candidates
  • Detailed selection criteria
  • RFP creation
  • Integrating a modern learning technology ecosystem
  • Product trials

We’re proudly tool-agnostic. We’ll only ever recommend the right solutions to support your goals.

Supercharging Your Current Learning Ecosystem

Often organizations that are working with numerous legacy products find it difficult to get the most out of their learning ecosystem.

They want to harness the benefits of a fully-connected ecosystem but don’t want to waste past investment on components that don’t yet integrate successfully. We’ve helped many organizations in this situation to supercharge their learning ecosystem by refining how their current tools are implemented.

We may layer in additional technologies such as xAPI, for instance, which connect both new and legacy technologies together effectively. With your ecosystem fully optimized in this way, you can gather all of your learning data in a Learning Record Store (LRS) for easy and powerful learning analytics. Our technical consultants can advise on the selection and implementation of an LRS that will deliver powerful insights into your learning programs

Contact us today to book a workshop with our technical consulting team.

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