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Perhaps you’re ready to build out your learning ecosystem with a new platform. Or maybe you’ve already invested in a solution but have been left feeling it hasn’t paid off.

Alternatively, you might be dealing with frustrated learners or overly-complex workflows. Whatever your situation, we will review your learning technology environment, tools, systems, and needs, and design a future-proof roadmap that works for you and your learners.

Understanding Your Learning Technology Requirements

There are many factors to weigh up as you start creating your perfect learning ecosystem. We will work with you to clarify your learning technology requirements that will create lasting behavior change for your learners.

Through our collaborative workshops, we will:

  • Capture Your Product Requirements

    Our user-centric story mapping approach gets to the root of your learners’ needs

  • Evaluate Your Current Technology Landscape

    We’ll look at what’s working, what’s not, and what’s missing with your current technology, and how this can be improved for your learners

  • Define Next Steps

    We provide you with a report of detailed recommendations and a future-proof roadmap that works for you and your learners

  • Plan Seamless Integration

    We can review all aspects of your technology and collaboratively plan a practical technology integration program that’s right for you and your learners

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