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At LEO Learning, our clients trust us to deliver learning platforms that deliver seamless and powerful digital learning experiences.

We specialize in harnessing best-of-breed technologies in the market to build simple-to-use, beautifully designed learning environments. Whether open-source or SaaS (Software as a Service), we’ll help you connect, integrate, and enhance your existing learning products and also support you as you implement and embed new ones.

Custom Learning Platforms and Portals

At LEO Learning, we’re platform agnostic and offer an unbiased approach to the platforms and tools you need. We understand that every client has a different set of challenges and different needs. What’s more, we have an extensive breadth of experience building custom portals and gateways which integrate with existing learning platforms, such as PeopleFluent LMS, Cornerstone and SharePoint.

With user-centered (UX) design at our heart, our technical team will review your existing learning ecosystem and recommend and implement the optimal technical solution for you. We will deliver the most effective, streamlined and engaging learning experience for your learners and the most integrated ecosystem for your organization.

Platform Design

We know great platform design requires us to consider every learner touchpoint with the platforms they use to access and complete their learning. We look at the way we can implement learning journeys that will maximize performance to deliver long-term behavioral change.

Our platforms design service includes:

  • Learning Journey Mapping

    Our consultants analyze and map your learning journeys so we can optimize your tools and system integration and deliver frictionless engagement at all times.

  • Learning Program Engagement

    Our experts love nothing more than designing visually captivating gateways and spaces for your most important programs and initiatives, from onboarding and learning academies to product launch portals, and health and safety hubs and leadership academies.

  • Customer-Focused Experiences

    Our customer-focused teams will work closely with you to make sure that your learning platforms always capture and deliver the very essence of your brand. This creates your learning environment for your people.

Measuring The Business Impact of Learning

We understand the huge pressure you’re under to show that your learning is working and improve it where it’s not. That’s why measuring the business impact of learning is one of our key passions here at LEO. Our measurement programs are specifically designed to give you and your organization practical direction on how to move forward.

The biggest challenge is often just how difficult it can be to collect the data you need, simply because your learning products and platforms aren’t sufficiently integrated into a single cohesive ecosystem.

That’s where our technical teams can help you realize your measurement goals by bringing together your learning platforms with your other products. By harnessing technology standards, such as xAPI, they’ll successfully integrate your new and legacy tools and platforms.

We work closely with our sister company within Learning Technologies Group (LTG), Watershed LRS, to implement their world-leading analytics platforms, enabling you to collect and analyze your extended data set in a single place.

Supporting You Throughout Your Journey

We help global enterprises optimize their learning technology landscape to enhance engagement, design effective learning journeys, and deliver measurable benefits to the business. Our technical consulting team will support you through all these stages, from strategy and selection to design, implementation and support. Our experts can help you with:

Your Requirements Analysis and Design Specifications

We can help you understand your learning technology requirements and support you in procuring, building, and implementing your chosen tool or platform.

Development and Migration Support

We’ll support you with the POC (proof of concept) development and testing of new personalized platforms—and, if necessary, help you integrate your technology products to deliver an enhanced user experience.

What’s more, if you need to migrate legacy data to your new learning platform, we can manage the entire process, from mapping the database tables to running the import and testing data integrity.

Launch Management

Our technical consultants understand how to make the process of launching a new platform as smooth as possible. We’ll work closely with your teams to ensure we:

  • Minimize the impact of technology changes
  • Develop comprehensive launch communications
  • Assist with team transition planning and support

Content Workflow and Learner Experience (LX) Design

Working shoulder to shoulder, our technical teams and learning experts deliver optimized and engaging learning experiences, where both the content and platform work in perfect harmony.

Our learning experts offer:

Support and Service

No matter what the size or scale of your project, our technical team can provide targeted support that’s right for you.

This includes:

  • Supporting your users with 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support
  • Penetration and load testing
  • Hosting portals, learning environment and tools
  • Upgrading/updating learning products planning
  • Learning platform improvement assessments

Want to optimize your learning platform? Get in touch today.

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