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The state of play: games with purpose (webinar)

On Thursday, May 5th at 3pm BST, LEO Learning and Preloaded will be combining to host a webinar that explores how games have become a cornerstone of effective and mature learning strategies. Participants will get the scoop on:

  • Games in learning: dispelling the myths
  • Obtaining results through games
  • The future of games in learning

Andrew Joly (Director of Strategic Design, LEO Learning) and Ben Courtney (Game Design Lead, Preloaded), will dispel the myths of design and utilisation of games in learning – and answer the questions we have all been wanting answers to – like ’Are Games too fun for learning? What is Gamification? (is it a thing at all?) and ‘Can anything be learned through a game?’.

Andrew will bring us the perspective of the Learning Architect, focussing on where and how games fit as an integral part of an effective strategic learning design. He will show us how they are no longer on the periphery, but crucially centric to a fully blended learning experience. Ben will bring the perspective of a Game Designer, looking at the potential well-executed games offer for creating engaging, active, and memorable learning experiences. He’ll also discuss how games within a blended learning ecosystem can harness tried and true mechanics to attract learners, sustain their engagement, offer them practice, and measure and reflect their progress.

To register for the webinar, and to find out further information about LEO Learning and Preloaded, simply fill out the registration form.
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