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Learning platforms

Learning platforms

Our platforms expertise

LEO Learning creates learning platforms that demonstrate business impact measurement. We utilise the best technologies in the market to build simple-to-use, beautifully designed learning environments.

With over 30 years in the market, LEO Learning Learning has vast expertise in many of the leading learning platforms, from open source to enterprise LMS and talent solutions.

Building the ecosystem of the future

LEO Learning’s platform solutions connect the industry’s most innovative technologies with beautifully designed learning spaces, all delivered as multi-device and mobile-optimised learning portals.

LEO Learning’s platforms support users in 283 countries, territories and island nations – including 300 learners in Antarctica.

LEO Learning active users

Our approach

LEO Learning is an award-winning learning technologies company. We help our customers envisage, build, integrate and test elegant learning systems.

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Our services

LEO Learning helps global enterprises rationalise their learning technology landscape to improve engagement, design brilliant learning journeys and deliver measurable benefits to the business.

Our technical consulting team lead every learning platforms project throughout the entire life cycle of your project, from strategy and selection, to implementation and support, or anywhere in between.

Requirements analysis and design specification support

  • Business planning
  • Stakeholder alignment
  • Business case development
  • Platform selection support
  • Technical strategy development
  • Requirements analysis, definition and UX design

Development and migration support

  • Framework selection
  • Test planning
  • API integration/API development
  • Data migration planning workflow
  • Data migration and QA
  • User group management

Launch management

  • Change management
  • Rollout communications cascade, assets and events
  • Team transition planning and support

Content workflow and learner experience (LX) design

  • Content workflow process design (external/internal teams)
  • Capability review and improvement planning
  • Curriculum design
  • Content curation
  • LX design and journey mapping

Security, maintenance and support plans

  • First- and second-line support packages
  • Security protocols and pen testing
  • Hosting services
  • Upgrade/update planning
  • Platform improvement assessments
  • Technical HealthCheck
  • Learning analytics

Custom learning portals

LEO Learning is platform agnostic and, as such, our clear and unbiased vision enables us to put the learner and your success criteria at the heart of everything we do. We will work with you to create a vision of your goals and outcomes which is clear to stakeholders at all levels.

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NetDimensions custom portals

NetDimensions is the enterprise LMS that looks, feels and behaves like a custom website.

As a Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG) partner company, LEO Learning works closely with NetDimensions to create custom portals that guide learning content and events in high-impact areas like sales, frontline support staff and management.

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Cornerstone custom portals

With millions of users logging into Cornerstone’s Learning Suite daily, this highly successful platform delivers learning and performance materials to some of the world’s largest companies.

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Sharepoint custom learner journeys

LEO Learning has been working with sales, product and learning teams to create efficient learning journeys through existing Sharepoint systems. Thoughtful learning journeys – cleanly displayed – will cut through the content noise to improve better access to relevant materials.

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