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A third of organisations are unhappy with their current Learning Management System (LMS)

It’s clear there are many businesses that need help to identify and implement the right technology. LEO believes that using best-fit technologies to underpin your learning is crucial for long-term performance improvement.

LEO is platform agnostic and has built deep expertise in many of the leading platforms from open source to enterprise LMS and talent solutions. Our unbiased view enables us to put the learner and success criteria at the heart of our engagements and tailor our approach to your unique needs.

Our services

LEO has helped many global enterprises rationalise their learning technology landscape and maximise their platforms investments. We can support and assist throughout the entire cycle of your platform project, from strategy and selection to implementation and support, or anywhere in between.  This includes:

  1. Technology strategy – build a clear plan to deliver your learning strategy and drive business impact
  2. Technical consulting – requirements gathering, create RFPs, advise on product selection and assist with technology governance
  3. Platform implementation – source, build and implement the right platform(s) for your needs,  or project manage your third party solutions instead
  4. Launch readiness –  data migration, capability training, curriculum design, content curation, learning journey mapping, user group management and hosting and support setup
  5. Launch management – communications campaigns to launch your platform
  6. Enterprise support –  first and second-line support
Learning Platforms

Solving the platforms crisis webinar recording with Mark Aberdour

With over 500 LMS products on the market today, selecting a learning platform or even working out what your organisation needs from a platform is a pretty daunting task. In this webinar recording from April 2015, LEO's platforms expert Mark Aberdour explores the ins and outs of product selection, how to get the best from your LMS and a guide to successful implementation. A must-watch whether you're looking to invest or even just interested to see what's out there.

Watch the recording

A certified Moodle partner

Alongside our technology-agnostic approach to learning platforms, LEO is a certified Moodle partner specialising in the end-to-end implementation of Moodle for business.

We build highly customised Moodle platforms which assist in solving the challenges faced by today’s organisations, often as part of a blended programme. Our team has been building, installing, hosting (in partnership with Rackspace) and maintaining Moodle sites for over ten years, in which time we have built and continue to maintain some of the largest workplace Moodle sites in the world.

Moodle Partner