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NetDimensions custom portals

Take the power of NetDimensions’ learning and performance management solutions and add branded learning experiences where users quickly find the content you want them to – this helps to improve engagement and drive results. LEO Learning’s integrated custom portals improve the learner experience of the NetDimensions Talent Suite enterprise platform and opens a communications channel that drives business performance improvement.

  • delivering content in +40 languages
  • 400 NTS clients
  • 4.4 million active users
  • Deploy via cloud or on-premise

Why custom portals with NetDimensions?

The portal enables you to use all of the features of the NetDimensions enterprise LMS, but allows you to specifically tailor the learner experience towards the content as the business needs change. The portal becomes the communications channel where you can build training into the business’s workflow. Product launches, regulation updates and business change processes benefit by directing users through topical learning and activities via a portal.

A learning portal provides access to specific learning resources, tools or content to a specific audience of employees, customers or users to target a specific business goal, learning need or subject area.