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Our approach

LEO Learning is an award-winning learning technologies company. We help our customers envisage, build, integrate and test elegant learning systems.

Our team of in-house designers and developers are tech pros who rise to any challenge and turn awe-inspiring ideas into reality.

Expertise, transparency, security and quality are a part of our DNA. Our development methodology is based on four key principles:

  1. Every project is lead by a technical consultant whose responsibility it is to scope and define functionality that most efficiently meets client requirements and delivers elegant usability.
  2. We share our work – we open our project tracking system to clients so that they can see our developers at work, what user stories are up next and what exists in the product backlog.
  3. Every project will be based on the most secure frameworks and software stacks.
  4. Automation tests will be written into our code base to ensure all code changes are fully tested.

Taking advantage of the best technologies and frameworks on the market, LEO Learning delivers custom functionality to meet your specific requirements.