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LEO Learning is made up of extraordinarily creative, curious, and talented individuals whose collective passion is to be the very best at what they do.

Our people are the single biggest factor behind our success. We have a collective passion to be the very best at what we do. It’s our energy and expertise in learning design, art direction, technology, relationship management, and strategic thinking that place us at the forefront of our industry.

Here are just a few names and faces you may come across when we work together:

James Greenwood

Managing Director

Piers Lea

Chief Strategy Officer

Andrew Joly

Director of Strategic Design

Holly Leong

Revenue Director

Kristina Wiltsee

VP of Operations

Ella Richardson

Learning Design Director

Rose Benedicks

Strategic Consulting Lead

Patrick Thomas

Consulting Lead

Geoff Bloom

Principal Consultant

Patrick Billingsley

Principal Consultant

Fiona Bravington

Learning Consultant

Kath Fleet

Learning Consultant

Katherine Chapman

Learning Consultant

Steve Trimingham

Learning Consultant

Rich Calcutt

Learning Consultant

Alex Steer

Learning Consultant

Sophie Miller

Commercial Director

Henry Flind

Client Engagement Manager

Mike Herbert-Roche

Client Engagement Manager

Matt Saward

LEO Academy Manager

Sean Nugent

Senior Account Director

Jamie Merriman

Senior Account Director

Greg Watson

Account Director

Felicity Whyte

Client Engagement Lead

Kerry Wallis

Account Manager

Adam Troy

Account Manager

Linzi McMahon

Account Manager

Becky Hutchings

Senior Project Manager

Robyn Murray Mills

Portfolio Revenue Manager

Kate Tovey

Account Manager, Defence and Security

Julia Robinson

PMO Manager

Tina Highsted

Project Manager

Aimee Perrin-Jaquet

Project Manager

James Whiting

Project Manager

Kate Walker

Resourcing Coordinator

Nigel Hughes

Lead Learning Designer

Raye Pritchett-Page

Learning Consultant

Nic Price

Learning Design Manager

Alan Wordsworth Yates

Technical Support Specialist and Junior Solutions Architect

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