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How We Do It

We know that you want to work with a digital learning company that has your business strategies front of mind.

At LEO Learning, we strive to find the perfect balance.

We understand you want a digital learning partner with both rigor and flexibility, whose teams will collaborate with your business as efficiently as possible, yet deliver fully on your learning challenges.

Our secret sauce has six key ingredients that ensure we always achieve the perfect balance for you, with every team you’ll work with at LEO. Seasoned with our core values, our secret sauce gives you the ideal outcome every time.

Client and Account Services

Working in partnership with you, our Client Services team is dedicated to providing you with the best in the industry. We really enjoy getting under the skin of your business to ensure our service matches your needs.

We love to think strategically about your goals (and beyond them too) and draw together all of our skills and experience from within LEO and our wider group, LTG (Learning Technologies Group) to meet your strategic needs.

Project Management

With our deep experience and expertise, you’re in the right hands. Dedicated to you and at the very heart of our business, our highly focussed Project Managers are your point of contact at LEO at all stages, from inception to completion.

Working to tried and tested processes and with clear and transparent reporting at all times, our PMs remain level-headed, agile, and flexible throughout your project.

Technology Services

Our industry-leading technologists underpin the successful delivery of all our digital learning solutions, from eLearning courses to complex learning ecosystems. We’re constantly looking at how we can improve our services with your future needs front of mind.

Partnering with your IT and Technology teams, you’ll benefit from our rigor and profound expertise, having led in this field for well over 30 years. Simply put, our technical know-how and the immense breadth offered are second to none. What’s more, you’ll have access to wider specialist services from within our LTG family, whenever you need them.

Media, Design and Production

These are the specialists who bring your learning to life. Our highly creative and brand-focused Media, Design and Production team, with their deep experience across all media and channels from eLearning to games, video, animation, print, and VR, offer you unrivaled scalable production services.

You’ll get the very best from this super talented team. Using state-of-the-art tools and processes, they’ll create, develop, and build exceptional learning content.

What’s more, our award-winning in-house broadcast-level video production team and facilities produce outstanding cinema-quality learning videos and animations that won’t blow your budget.

Consulting and Strategic Design

You’ll have access to the brightest and best thinking in the business. Our Consultants and Strategic Designers, many of whom are learning pioneers and industry thought leaders, have been at the cutting-edge of digital learning since it began.

How do we work? We’re both learning experts and expert facilitators—using a blend of innovation workshops, deep inquiry, and evidence gathering, followed by collaborative design focused on your real goals.

What do we deliver? We’re committed to delivering actionable strategies that can turn quickly into realized results. We'll deliver roadmaps, specifications, reports, and presentations that will enable you and your stakeholders to make the right decisions going forward.

This team gives you the best brainpower in the learning industry—no one else comes close.

Support and Partnerships

We’re in this for the long-haul, to make sure we deliver on what works for you and your learners and most importantly, to produce the results you need. Beyond roll-out, our technical support teams are here to support you and your learners once your project goes live.

Looking further ahead, whilst we thrive on meeting your immediate business challenges, we know that you’ll enjoy your biggest successes as we stay close partners with you. We’ll help you measure and evaluate your learning, working shoulder to shoulder to continuously raise the bar to deliver long-lasting, sustainable business transformation for you and your organization.

Want to learn more about our (not-so-secret) secret sauce? Get in touch.

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