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Inspire Your Learning Game Design With These 10 Concepts From Commercial Games

As children, we learn naturally through play and this continues throughout our adolescence, into adulthood. Learning games in the workplace are no different.

We already know what works in the non-corporate world and why, so it’s time to take a page from the world of commercial games. They’re are a great way to increase engagement, tap into learners’ competitive sides, and improve information retention.

This cheat sheet takes you through 10 commercial game concepts and looks at how they assist the learning process, with examples from real games to help you explore these gameplay features.

Explore the world of gameplay, mechanics, and learning with this cheat sheet. It covers:

  • The benefits of using games in learning
  • A list of 10 popular game concepts and mechanics
  • A deeper dive into these mechanics and why they work in learning
  • Examples from real commercial games for each concept

Download your free copy through the button below.

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