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‘Having it all’: how to design elearning for quality, speed and value

We know there can be a lot of pressure on L&D teams to deliver elearning cheaply and quickly. Unfortunately, this sometimes means quality takes a back seat. But it doesn’t have to.

At LEO Learning, our learning design team has helped many businesses deliver budget-friendly elearning to challenging timelines – while still making sure every course meets our high-quality standards.

How do we do that? It’s all about getting the basics right.

In this ebook, we’ve captured our five key principles that will help you deliver great elearning – whatever your budget or timeline.

Download the ebook now to find out how to:

  • Plan effectively – to ensure your learning meets learner and business needs
  • Design great learning journeys – with a simple, adaptable model
  • Increase quality – to make your learners sit up and pay attention
  • Be resourceful – to maximise the value of your course
  • Increase engagement – budget-friendly ways to increase the impact of your elearning

Ready to create great elearning? Get your copy of the ebook now.