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5 Approaches to Creating Engaging Compliance Training

We know the pressure is on for compliance and L&D teams to deliver real value and impact with compliance training. And learner engagement is critical to achieving this goal.

Put simply, when learners are engaged they learn better and retain knowledge for longer. Engaged learners are also more likely to change their behaviours and support the ethical cultures we know that regulators are now looking for.

So how can you increase learner engagement? Our ebook, ‘5 approaches to creating engaging compliance training’ will show you how.

Download the ebook to find out the innovative design tactics our learning consultants are using to create compliance training that really resonates with learners, including:

  • Personalisation and adaptive learning
  • Content grouping and spaced learning
  • Scenarios and storytelling
  • New approaches to assessment
  • Learning analytics

LEO GRC, formerly Eukleia, is the specialist Governance, Risk and Compliance sister company of LEO Learning.

Download the ebook

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