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How to Maximize the Impact of Your Induction Program

Picture the scene: you’ve just accepted the job of your dreams. You’re excited to get started, and you’re keen to impress. You want to do everything you can to hit the ground running on your first day in your new position… but you have no material to read through and nothing to help you prepare.

The induction program is often seen as little more than a box-checking exercise through which new starters must be shepherded. But failing to engage and captivate new staff at the induction stage can cost significant sums, lower productivity and raise staff churn.

In this ebook, we’re looking at how to make your onboarding process work harder. It covers:

  • Choosing the right technology for you
  • Key principles for great onboarding design
  • LEO Learning’s proven 100 days architecture for induction
  • What can be achieved through a more strategic approach to onboarding

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