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How to Mitigate the Invisible Business Risk

A lack of diversity in the workforce presents significant operational and reputational risks that often remain invisible until it’s too late. Research by Deloitte suggests that a culturally diverse organization can reduce its risk by 30%.

By focusing on five key stages in the employee life cycle, we highlight key business risks and offer practical suggestions that will help you build a diverse workforce and future-proof your organization.

Eukleia’s ebook, ‘Diversity & Inclusion: How to mitigate the invisible business risk’, written by Diversity and Inclusion expert (and 2019 MBE) Joanna Abeyie, provides practical guidance and examples on how to build a company culture that embraces diversity and has inclusion and equality at its heart.

LEO GRC, formerly Eukleia, is the specialist Governance, Risk and Compliance sister company of LEO Learning.

Download the ebook

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