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Creating the L&D Team of the Future

Organizations now have increasingly global, complex, and fast-paced operations. This brings new pressures and demands for L&D.

L&D teams now need the capability and strategic vision to design and deliver learning that is aligned to the evolving needs of the organization—and their learners.

The L&D team of the future needs the ability to:

  • Adapt learning strategy to an evolving workforce and workplace – by understanding and anticipating what the organization needs to thrive
  • React quickly to harness new technologies – to meet learners at their point of need
  • Prove the value and impact of L&D investment – to embed learning into the operating DNA of the business

But how does L&D achieve this transformation? What roles and capabilities will learning teams need to develop to meet the complex needs of the business now, and in the future?

This LEO Learning ebook explores the range of capabilities required to create the L&D team of the future and how to begin building them into your organization.

Download the ebook

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