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How to create effective compliance training

Compliance training, also known as mandatory training or regulatory training, has not traditionally enjoyed a great reputation. Despite the fundamental importance of this type of learning, it’s often seen as a ‘grudge purchase’ that learners feel forced to complete. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

In this compliance training podcast trilogy, LEO’s Director of Learning, Imogen Casebourne, and Principal Consultant, Geoff Bloom, outline how to address these challenges and keep compliance training fresh and relevant when it goes out to a broad range of employees across an organisation. You’ll hear why putting the right people on the correct course is just as beneficial as fastidiously-designed programmes, how storytelling can refresh outdated training material, and other ways for organisations to create engaging compliance training solutions.

Drawing on the success of organisations whose compliance training has been shown to be highly effective, the podcasts demonstrate the variety of techniques which can be used to empower employees to take control of their own learning when it suits them.

Listen to part 1 – overcoming the challenge. Click here to listen to the SoundCloud version.

Part 2 – the power of storytelling. Click here for the SoundCloud version.

Part 3 – creating engaging compliance training. Click here to listen on SoundCloud.

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