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The power of business processes: how to future-proof your workforce

This free LEO Learning ebook sheds light on the key areas where business processes intersect with key business drivers, and demonstrates why learning programmes around both are essential to future-proofing an organisation. We also look at the importance of delivering training to learners with a Millennial mindset, the cost of climate change and what these might mean for business processes – now and in the future.

An organisation's business processes have the power to future-proof the business

The importance of future-proofing your business processes

Business processes touch every aspect of a company, with a vast array of communications tools to support and relay these to teams. The potential pitfall is that leaving learners to figure things out on their own creates a growing margin for error. A company’s brand is more important now than ever, and you’ll be able to read insights into several of the success stories that have seen leading companies establish and reinforce the “language” of their business through learning.

Some of the largest sectors that LEO Learning advises – including the FMCG, Retail, Automotive, Airline, Pharma and Life Sciences industries – are facing massive disruption to their business processes in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous landscape, otherwise known as a VUCA environment. Wide-ranging evolutionary change, increased exposure via social media and decreasing margins with increased competition are all factors that can be mitigated and leveraged through a company’s processes. Needs-based, tailored training, as the ebook explains, has a vital part to play in ensuring that a company’s workforce receives the right knowledge in a rapid and cost-effective way at scale.

Organisations need to radically transform the way they work in order to grow, learn and adapt, but it’s easy to fall behind when the global workplace is changing so fast. Investing in a constant climate of learning is the best way to meet a wide variety of business processes and needs, from ensuring consistency and compliance to protecting IP and innovation in the organisation.

In the current unpredictable business climate, the ebook also highlights how learning programmes around business processes need to strike the balance between mandatory learning and leaving space for the kind of innovation that allows a business to evolve and grow. This is particularly important for Millennial employees and we explore how to engage these learners, who expect programmes to be delivered in tech-driven, digitally resourceful ways.

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