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Getting to Grips With Learning Data

This insight, co-authored with our partners at Rustici Software, is part of LEO Learning’s series on measuring the business impact of learning. The insight looks at learning data and how global organizations can gather and analyze it. Taking a big data approach to learning data, we provide a framework to help you understand your own learning ecosystem and analyze where your data is stored and the formats it may be in.

Cover of the LEO Learning insight, which is about helping L&D professionals to get to grips with learning data
Download the insight to discover:

  • How you can retrieve the data from multiple systems
  • How to identify which data is most important to your L&D/training department
  • The important role that learning technology standards play in ensuring a consistent and good-quality data supply to work with
  • Top tips to get your measurement initiative off to the best possible start
  • The kind of questions you should be asking vendors and potential vendors about their capabilities

Get your free copy of the insight below.

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