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5 Barriers to Effective Learning Measurement and How to Solve Them

We know it’s not fashionable to talk about ‘problems’ or ‘challenges’, but if L&D is really going to succeed at effective and intelligent learning measurement then we need to get to grips with these problems and find practical ways forward.

In this insight, ‘5 Barriers to Effective Learning Measurement and How to Solve Them’, our experts, learning consultants Gareth Jones and Geoffrey Bloom, do just that.

Based on their experience working with a range of global clients to launch learning measurement programs, they delve into five common challenges and explain practical ways for you and your team to overcome them.

Get the insight to find out how to tackle these barriers to effective learning measurement:

  • Gaining stakeholder buy-in
  • A lack of data analysis skills or capabilities
  • How to gather useful or quality data
  • Understanding which measurement tools you need
  • How to effectively use data insights once they’ve been collected

Download the insight

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