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The Growing Appetite for Measuring the Impact of Learning at Work

We now have increasingly sophisticated ways for organizations to measure the business impact of learning. Yet it’s not happening across the board. “It’s not uncommon for L&D departments to find themselves with almost no data on which to base continuous improvement in design,” says LEO Learning’s Chief Strategy Officer, Piers Lea.

“We wanted to find out what the appetite for measuring learning impact really is. There seems to be an emerging pressure to get this resolved,” continues Piers. “As one client succinctly put it: ‘L&D is the last great unmeasured spend in modern business’.”

LEO Learning, alongside Watershed and the iVentiv network, set out to uncover what people think through research conducted in Europe and the US. With respondents from over 350 companies in various sectors, from government to motoring, aviation, defense, and technology, some patterns are emerging that suggest a big change is on its way.

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