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Demonstrating an Evidence-Based Approach to Business Success

To reach the point where your techniques in measuring business success become predictive can take time. L&D leaders want to measure profitability, productivity, reputation, growth, and transformation. Using data properly, with a strategy and goal in mind, offers the potential for incredible results.

This insight looks at how L&D teams can gradually produce precise data to prove the value of learning programs in relation to the wider business. Based on the conversations and advice from 35 diverse organizations who shared ideas at LEO Learning’s measuring business impact workshop in London, as well as wisdom from LEO Learning’s Piers Lea, Watershed’s Mike Rustici and Towards Maturity’s Laura Overton, this insight will help you discover:

  • How to demonstrate an evidence-based approach to measuring business success
  • The importance of gathering data
  • The kind of information, KPIs and data you could present to your board
  • How you can ‘mine’ existing data to solve business problems
  • The challenge of measuring business success across multiple markets
  • Practical ideas from which to springboard your strategy to measure the business impact of learning

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