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Measuring the Business Impact of Learning in 2022

Our sixth annual ‘Measuring the Business Impact of Learning’ report expands with new budget and resourcing questions, uncovering key lessons that will help organizations to start, scale, and sustain their programs.

This year’s report tells the story of the “haves” and “have nots” of learning measurement and provides expert advice, analysis, and key solutions to help you measure your learning’s business impact.

64% of organizations with a budget set aside for measurement emphatically believe that it’s possible to prove learning’s impact, and 42% of them doubled down on measurement and strategy in the last year.

These organizations lead the way in measuring to improve rather than simply to prove effectiveness, and their journeys provide plenty of inspiration on how to get started—and how to continue to scale and sustain.

Download the report to discover:

  • Does having a budget and capability alter opinions on measuring business impact?
  • Stories from the “haves” that show business agility
  • Inspirations to help the “have-nots” move from prove to improve
  • Key resources to inspire your measurement journey

Fill in the short form to download the full report, ‘Measuring the Business Impact of Learning in 2022: Learning Key Lessons From the Measurement Haves and Have-Nots’.

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