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Creating the Chain of Evidence: Real Stories of Practical Learning Measurement Strategies

Getting started on a learning measurement strategy can feel like an intimidating, complex project—but it doesn’t have to be. In our third measuring the business impact of learning workshop, we set out to demonstrate that kickstarting a measurement project is not only possible, but very achievable.

Our guests worked alongside LEO Learning experts to create their own bite-size learning measurement strategies, getting stuck into the details of real, practical learning measurement.

With attendees from a broad range of sectors such as retail, FMCG, automotive, pharmaceutical, defense and financial services, these strategies demonstrate how organizations can develop learning measurement strategies that meet their particular requirements and challenges.

Download the insight to find out how to:

  • Map learning to business KPIs
  • Find easily accessible data sources on key business activities
  • Take a big data approach to small data sets in order to make getting started quicker and easier

Download the insight

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