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Top 10 Components for Measuring the Business Impact of Learning

The global training market is worth billions, but little of that spend is currently going towards measuring the business impact of learning. Learning analytics is a new (and sometimes frightening!) territory for many organizations and L&D professionals, who aren’t sure how to get started with measuring learning impact.

To try find a way forward, LEO Learning recently held a workshop at the Royal Institution in London, where expert speakers and L&D professionals from 30 organizations came together to try solve the learning analytics puzzle. While we are still a long way off from finding an industry-wide solution, the event was incredibly successful and led to a number of practical ‘next steps’.

The guests shared success stories, challenges and potential solutions in an open, collaborative environment. The wisdom of the room has now been collected and is published here with the 10 key components you need to get started with measuring the business impact of learning.

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