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Good enough is good enough for learning analytics

Any time we set out to measure the success of learning, we’re essentially performing a scientific experiment. To perform an experiment, we need a hypothesis that can either be corroborated or disproved, which is one of the core tenets of the scientific method…. perhaps not in the same way that Sir Isaac Newton performed his ground-breaking experiments but measuring learning impact is still very much a scientific discipline.

As a build-up to LEO Learning’s upcoming series of insights and blog posts into measuring learning impact, Solutions Architect Peter Dobinson looks at arguments against learning analytics being truly scientific and challenges those who would support that opinion.

While marketing departments have evolved to become very adept at using analytics to prove their worth to management, L&D departments are far behind, with some still of the belief that learning analytics are a pseudo-science and a waste of time and money.

This insight demonstrates the scientific principles behind the importance of measuring elearning and why doing something to measure is so much better than doing nothing at all.