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What the Future of Pharmaceutical Industry Learning Looks Like

The pharma and life sciences industry is dealing with a number of sector-specific challenges: changing patient needs and patient demographics, advances in medical technology, complex healthcare systems, and access to emerging markets are just some of the factors affecting pharmaceutical industry learning. All of this is happening against the global backdrop of rapid change that is currently affecting all sectors, not just the pharmaceutical industry. These include:

  • shifting markets and customer demographics
  • globalized offerings
  • amended legislation
  • new operational requirements
  • changing political boundaries
  • updated cultures of business and communication

The pressure is on for pharma and life sciences people to quickly adapt to the climate of change and become more patient-focused in their thinking. But how can this be achieved using pharmaceutical industry learning?

Pharmaceutical industry learning is important to help the Pharma and Life Sciences sector become more patient-focussed

In order to find out how pharma training can support people to adapt to this dynamic new landscape, we’ve been asking pharma and life sciences professionals from a variety of large, multi-national companies about the big challenges that the industry faces. In speaking to industry experts, existing customers and consultants, a number of recurring themes have emerged.

This LEO Learning ebook gives an insight into some of those learning challenges that are being experienced throughout the industry, together with LEO Learning’s thinking around how digital technology can support learning in the future.

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