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How to Meet the Challenges of Automotive Electrification

The move to electric vehicles is creating a world of exciting possibilities, both in terms of educating buyers and teaching automotive industry employees new ways of working. While many manufacturers are on the brink of offering plug-in options, there is no blueprint for how to get ready for the era of automotive electrification.

In a two-part podcast, LEO Learning’s Account Director, Sophie Miller, joins Paul Hemingway, Jaguar Land Rover’s Electrification Go To Market Project Manager, to discuss:

  • The dramatic shift in the landscape around electric vehicles
  • How companies can effectively offer training for strategy
  • The need for employees to help customers make the right choices
  • The vital role learning technologies can play at a time of rapid change

Listen to the part 1 of The Electrification Revolution podcast

Part 2

Good news! There are other ways to listen to the LEO Learning podcast too

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