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Tackling Modern Slavery With Stronger Together

Despite slavery being abolished more than 200 years ago, more people are in slavery today than ever before. This modern slavery podcast with our partner Stronger Together, looks at the scourge of modern slavery and forced labour, how it affects all of us and what businesses can do to prevent it.

Stronger Together is a business-led multi-stakeholder initiative that works to reduce modern slavery in supply chains by providing training and resources to support businesses to detect, deter and deal with modern slavery and other forms of labour exploitation.

In the first two parts of a Eukleia modern slavery podcast series, our Chief Strategy Officer, Kate Lander, talks to David Camp, Stronger Together’s founder and an expert in labour exploitation issues, as well as Stronger Together’s Global Programme Lead, Jantine Werdmüller von Elgg.

Eukleia has worked with Stronger Together to produce a range of training courses, including:

  • Tackling Modern Slavery for Businesses
  • a UK and international version
  • role-specific recruiter and supervisor versions

The current range of courses have already helped over 36,000 learners to understand the signs of potential labour exploitation.

In part 1, David talks about the impact of modern slavery on businesses and why the eLearning tools Stronger Together and Eukleia have created are an ideal starting point for businesses who want to get informed and equipped to address it. In part 2, Jantine takes the conversation further, looking at how detecting, deterring and dealing with modern-day slavery is a case of changing behaviours at all levels of organisations. Jantine also talks about Stronger Together’s eLearning programmes, which go a long way in achieving that.

To listen to the podcasts, click the play button below.

Part 1 with Stronger Together’s David Camp

Part 2 with Stronger Together’s Jantine Werdmüller Von Elgg

If you want to know more about our modern slavery courses or trial a course, get in touch today to talk to one of our experienced learning consultants.

See the course library or find out more at stronger2gether.org/elearning.

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