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Webinar Recording: The Life Sciences Revolution – How to Deliver Learning That Works

The life sciences sector is going through a period of rapid change. Digital technologies are changing the way products are developed, marketed and used by patients. The growth of smaller biotech companies and big data analytics, together with advanced diagnostics tools such as DNA profiling means that the future of healthcare will continue to change dramatically.

In this webinar, LEO Learning’s Senior Account Director, Sean Nugent, and Mark Harbour, Director of Chrysalis Capability Ltd, an independent training consultancy and former Head of Learning and Development at Grünenthal Pharmaceuticals, take a look at the need for everyone working in the sector to quickly learn about new and increasingly complex products.

Watch the recording and discover:

  • How to deliver learning at speed to support product launches, sales teams and more
  • How digital technology such as AR, VR, and gaming can support patient journeys and HCP engagement
  • How to achieve regulatory compliance in a timely and resource-efficient manner
  • Examples of what we are doing now and what we will be working on in the future

Access the webinar recording.

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