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Webinar Recording: Multi-Modal Learning for 21st-Century Leaders

In a recent study from Training Industry, 70 percent of learning leaders said using multiple modalities to deliver training is crucial to that training program’s success. Fifty-two percent said they use three to six modalities to deliver each course. It’s clear that to reach 21st-century leaders, L&D must make training easily consumable and accessible when and where the learner needs it most. Technology can no longer be just the way a course is delivered; it must be leveraged intelligently during instructional design to engage learners and sustain training.

Watch the Training Industry webinar, sponsored by LEO Learning, to discover:

  • Evidence for the efficacy of using a variety of approaches and activities during training
  • How the role of technology in L&D has changed and how you can leverage it for amplified and sustained results, despite learners being short on time and on the go
  • How to design effective multi-modal learning to engage learners quickly and efficiently
  • How to track the impact of both formal and informal learning

Watch the recording below

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