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Critical Strategies: Building the Learning Organization of the Future

What strategies, technologies, and trends will underpin the successful learning organization of the future?

In November 2021, we brought together 25 CLO-level practitioners in learning, and 10 of our learning experts, to answer this question. As a team, we created a recipe for success and built a model for the future.

In this webinar, Andrew Joly, Director of Strategic Design, and Ella Richardson, Director of Learning, share this blueprint for the learning organization of the future, and challenge and discuss the emerging themes.

Access the full on-demand recording to explore:

  • The realities of hybrid learning
  • What we mean by talent mobility
  • What’s new with human-centric learning
  • Learning in the flow of work

We also look at the realities and practicalities of shifting to an MVP mindset—an approach that could radically change our ways of working.

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