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Creating Hybrid Learning: A 5-Stage Model for Success

Hybrid learning—where you have a mix of live and virtual participants in the same event—is today’s reality. If you haven’t been tasked with designing for a hybrid environment yet, it’s likely you will soon!

Hybrid learning offers an opportunity to design rich, collaborative learning experiences that create connections between people and offer more transferable learning.

LEO Learning’s Consulting Lead, Patrick Thomas, and Principal Consultant, Geoff Bloom, share LEO’s model for designing and producing hybrid learning that works for everyone and, take a critical look at the mindset shift we need to make in order to create effective hybrid learning.

Access the on-demand recording to:

  • Learn about LEO’s model for hybrid learning design and delivery
  • Explore the mindset shift for designing and producing hybrid sessions
  • Explore technology and tools to enable hybrid learning
  • Get tips from our experts

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