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Future Blends: Future Behaviors – A Model for Success

To deliver on the massive opportunities provided by emerging learning ecosystems, LEO Learning is developing an ‘open-source’ approach to driving future learning behaviors for success. In development with insight and input from a range of L&D colleagues, our approach focuses on defining optimal learner behaviors, and exploring how we can support and encourage them within our organizational learning cultures. 

This recording shares the results of our hugely successful workshop at the Royal Institution in London in September, giving you exclusive access to the next iteration of an emerging model and continuing to build on our thinking together.

Join LEO Learning’s Andrew Joly, Director of Strategic Design, and Rich Calcutt, Learning Consultant, as they explore:

  • The foundations of a successful blended learning ecosystem
  • What makes a perfect learner
  • Effective behavior change strategies
  • The emerging ‘Future Blends: Future Behaviors’ open-source model

Watch the webinar recording

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