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Going Virtual: Next Steps in Engaging Online Together

At the cutting edge of learning design and delivery, we are bringing a new approach to virtual workshop design to add to our blended and enhanced learner journeys.

In this on-demand webinar, LEO Learning’s Consulting Lead, Rose Benedicks, and Principal Consultant, Geoff Bloom, share their expertise of virtual learning in two practical sessions with key takeaways.

They cover everything you need to know to turbocharge your virtual workshops and help you take your learning further, with enhanced and meaningful learning journeys at a distance.

Access the on-demand recording to:

  • Learn how to drive more learning power from your virtual workshops and engage with learners at the next level
  • Discover a range of new and engaging workshop activities that work
  • See how learning blends work, and how we use action and experimentation to enhance our learning journeys
  • See examples of what we’re doing with some of our leading global clients
  • Challenge and share your ideas
  • Learn how virtual workshops can be more powerful than face to face learning

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