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Virtual Learning Journeys - Engaging With Learners at a Distance

Now that we’re working in a world of virtual learning and work, how do we keep our learners fully engaged with a program over a period of time? We’ve all learned (fast!) how to deliver a great webinar or virtual classroom. But the next big step is moving from a single event to a series of meaningful learning touchpoints that can create effective, sustained learning.

In this webinar, LEO Learning’s Principal Consultant, Patrick Thomas, and Director of Strategic Design, Andrew Joly, look at how to take blended learning journeys virtual, with the help of four flagship and award-winning LEO-designed blended programs.

They will explore the challenges of being fully virtual, how to pace learning over time and at a distance, and how to design a series of meaningful events that work together to drive sustained behavioral change.

Watch the webinar recording

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