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Today’s business world is moving faster than ever before

Agile working is about enabling greater efficiency and flexibility. It makes global organisations more dynamic. This is a concern for the C-suite – 81% of CEOs are seeking a broader range of skills in their workplaces, making agile working a priority for businesses looking to retain their competitive edge.

It is often difficult for big organisations to keep pace with rapid change – their processes are set, and their people are used to working in certain ways.

LEO Learning's highly targeted learning can help you redeploy staff quickly, support flexible working patterns and meet spikes in demand. Uptake of our programmes often creates great knowledge networks within an organisation, too.

Meet our expert

I started out in TV production where I learned some of the most important lessons of my career (that have stayed with me ever since): about narrative, pacing, engagement and deeply understanding your audience. As a Commissioning Editor at the BBC, I worked in entertainment, interactive media and game design, where the focus was on pushing and using technology in new ways. A short time as a brand consultant at Wolff Olins gave me a deep understanding of brand and business in a way I hadn't before.

This all led to nearly 14 years as Director of Design at LINE Communications, working with a unique array of blue chip clients, and where it often felt like we were inventing the space where technology and learning meet. I think we were. As the Director of Strategic Design at LEO Learning, I now focus on my passion: how technology blends and innovative learning architectures and approaches can genuinely transform learning and performance in business, and make a real difference. The thing about this business that I love is that on the one hand nothing stands still, but on the other, the fundamental things about people and what energises and engages them always remains the same.