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Today’s global organisations need agility and dynamism to stay ahead of the competition

56% of CEOs believe that organisations will compete in new sectors more frequently than before in the next three years. With this growth comes likely expansion into new global markets. 61% see more global opportunities today than three years ago, and LEO Learning knows that the right learning strategy is vital for global business success.

Global programmes can also be personal. Context and regional relevance are vital for learning, and LEO Learning works hard to get the details right.

As a leader in social learning, LEO Learning has both the tools and expertise to create a flourishing internal network to enable your people to share their knowledge and insights around the world.

Meet our expert

I combine two roles within LEO Learning. The first is Principal Learning Consultant, providing advice and guidance to both public and private sector organisations on learning and development strategy.

I draw on the experience I have gained from running large training organisations, including a previous role as Head of Production and Broadcast Training at the BBC. Much of learning is about producing and distributing engaging storytelling, consequently I also draw on previous roles as a newspaper journalist and television producer and editor.

The area I specialise in is advising large organisations on how to develop and implement new approaches to learning to improve efficiency and competitiveness. In particular, how to operate effectively as a business partner; how to diagnose business and operational issues and design technology-led solutions that address performance improvement and culture change.

The majority of my consulting is now focused on the automotive industry, a sector I have worked in, in various capacities, for three decades.

I have pioneered the implementation of new learning technologies including learning management systems, virtual classroom and virtual reality that support both formal and informal learning.

My second role is internally facing. As Product Development Director, my task is to work with the production teams to develop new products and productise the bespoke content the company produces. The role also involves developing products that incorporate the content and expertise in LEO Learning's sister companies and developing strategic partnerships with external organisations that bring capabilities that don’t reside within LTG.